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John Tantalo
27 Jul 2006

To celebrate my endeavor to read Howard Zinn's Why Southerners are Jerks: A People's History of the United States, Michael and I have started designing a game called Bourgeoisie in the spirit of SimCity, basically what SimCity 2 through 4 could have been if Will Wright had more than two ideas to rub together.

The idea is to get a bunch of players to represent business owners, and they collude against each other to gain the upper hand in a diverse marketplace based around neighborhoods and cities.

An excerpt from the wiki, dealing with law enforcement:

Workers and players may perform illegal activities that attract the attention of law enforcement. For instance, a player may own a mafia syndicate that extorts protection monies from the nearby businesses of other players in exchange for not sending soldiers over to permanently silence the other players' workers. This is just business. The victim in this case may either pay the protection or pay the cops to protect him by bribes or pushing through legislation against organized crime. The mafia boss, of course, may also bribe law enforcement to look the other way. This is the mechanism by which illegitimate (under the table) transactions are taxed.